"As the world is increasingly interconnected, everyone shares the responsibility of securing cyberspace."
Newton Lee


In an organization, a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is responsible for IT security, IT security strategy design and implementation with a focus on properly addressing cyber security risks.

The CISO is charged with regulatory and operational compliance to all standards and regulations related to and required for the business.


In today’s constantly evolving cyber threat landscape, employing the services of a CISO or an IT Security Expert will bring the following benefits to your organization:

  • Enhanced overall Information Security posture and preparedness
  • Help with achieving business KPI’s Security and compliancy assurance for new and existing projects
  • Proper Risk Management is applied in IT, security and operational planning
  • Heightened business reputation and confidence
  • Decreased business risks impact
  • (Smaller) Business is kept up-to-date with regulations and requirements


You may not be in a position to find, recruit and hire your own full-time dedicated and talented CISO. There are also other circumstances that make the outsourcing of a CISO a viable proposition:

  • You are a small to mid-sized business and are looking for a cost-effective alternative
  • An IT security expert is needed temporarily, e.g. for a specific project, upcoming audits, while you search for your own specialist, etc.
  • To step in for an employee on vacation or extended leave



Seven Security Group will provide you with an experienced consultant that will act as an extension to your business. Thus, you will receive an ongoing security presence to help reduce risks and avoid incidents and will benefit from:

  • Proactively monitor, change and forecast Risk Management
  • Provide security incident management
  • Manage and assist Information Security audits
  • Provide training and guidance to staff
  • Provide business and IT process consultancy service
  • Dedicate regular on-site time
  • Support you through email and phone when not on site
  • Attend Governance meetings as necessary
  • Provide reporting on a regular basis or as needed


We form a business partnership to drive your IT security strategy forward through one or several of our consultants who will:

  • Are a team that come with a profound and broad knowledge, expertise and experience of IT Security that surpass that of any single CISO or security manager
  • Come equipped with a solid set of skills and qualifications, such as but not limited to, multi-taking, digital leadership, communication, people management, fast adaptation to evolving IT landscape and security technologies
  • Are passionate about technology and security
  • Have an exceptionally strong customer focus
  • Are creative thinkers and problem solvers


The process usually looks something like the diagram below. Depending on the customere's specifics the process will be altered to closely adhere and be most benefitial.


Based on an initial and ongoing Risk Assessment, we will provide flexible, tailored pricing to achieve your goals in Information Security and, at the same time achieve cost-effectiveness and feasibility. The service ideology is based on affordability with a maximized value-for-money approach.

Depending on your company’s needs for on and off-site presence, complexity of one-time or ongoing projects and internal and external audit needs and requirements, we will devise the most cost-effective plan to make sure your Information Security projects are adequately manned.