Modern Information Security requires an understanding of the threats and risks associated with the data processing, sharing, transmitting and warehousing sides of your business. That requires going beyond just knowing the bits and bytes of IT, or the controls required by a given framework. To Know means to assess, test, investigate and audit all aspects of your organization's information system.


Ensuring business continuity through Information Security Governance and Risk Management through developing a tailored strategy, drafting and implementing your own policies and planning for disruption, will not only achieve regulatory compliance, it will help you in achieving solid, rigorous and robust performance in terms of Information Security.


Building the infrastructure, being able to secure it, making sure it evolves with the challenges of the ever-changing threat landscape is an endeavor that spans over a number of proactive and reactive integration activities. This is not always a straight-forward process, and choosing among today's multitude of technology offerings can be quite a challenge.