"Testing leads to failure, and failure leads to understanding."
Burt Rutan


DDoS Stress Testing is a service designed to assess an organization’s preparedness for various DDoS attack scenarios and flood magnitudes.

The controlled tests are carried out against your IT infrastructure, at a prescheduled time and with real-time online support.

The result is a comprehensive report indicating infrastructure weaknesses as well as recommendations for mitigation.


DDoS is a devastating network attack weapon that is both cheap and effective. Performing DDoS simulations will help you achieve the following:

  • Address infrastructure and misconfiguration issues before attacks happen.

  • Enhance incident response procedures.

  • Understand how to control your DDoS mitigation solution to be most effective.

  • Harden assets to be more resilient to DDoS attacks.

  • Help you evaluate a mitigation vendor's strengths and weaknesses.

  • Prevent panic when attacks do occur.


Test for resiliency and high-load preparedness. Find out where your stand with our 1-minute questionnaire:

Based on your answers, we will provide you with a free test plan and a quote for DDoS stress testing.

Based on your answers, we will provide you with a free test plan and a quote for DDoS stress testing.


7Security has the ability to simulate over 100 different DDoS test attack variants that broadly fall into the following attack categories:

  • Volumetric - measured in Megabits/sec and/or Packets/sec.
  • Connection - measured in number of connections.
  • Application - measured in requests/sec and concurrency.

The process starts with an attack surface minimization and custom test planning. Real-time DDoS attack vectors are pointed at the organization’s IT public-facing infrastructure from the outside (real-life scenario) or in a closed environment (on-premise simulation). DDoS attacks simulations are carried out on all applicable Layers of the OSI model in a fine-grained supervised and controlled manner with a “Stop” capability at all times.