"If everyone is moving forward together,
then success takes care of itself."
Henry Ford


SEVEN SECURITY GROUP is a specialized provider of services and products for the Information Security market in Bulgaria and the region. We provide customers with a full range of information security strategy, from penetration testing and vulnerability assessments through governance and compliance, and completing the circle with the implementation and maintenance of all technical means for information security. The Service Portfolio of SEVEN SECURITY GROUP includes the protection of personal data, data leak protection, providing safe use of the Internet and the construction of the Information Security audit systems security management in accordance with the requirements of local and international standards, protection from viruses, spam and DDoS attacks and intrusions, monitoring vulnerabilities, etc.


We strive to be a great company that sets new standards for the IT market and increases the efficiency of economic entities through use of in-depth innovation.




  • When making decisions, managers take into account first of all long-term prospects. If there is a conflict between the long-term and short-term financial results, we aim to make a choice in favor of long-term prospects.
  • The main asset of our company are its employees. Our main management task in relation to people: identifying, attracting, developing and retaining the best.
  • We strive to ensure that each employee's performance is in undeniable correlation between the success of the company and their contribution to this success. The Company strives to objectively evaluate each employee's contribution to the overall success of the company.
  • Managers at all levels create the conditions for maximum proliferation of all employees' creative potential and its effective use. We collect and evaluate the employees' ideas - the best, come to life.
  • The most important task of management - identifying the root causes of problems, rather than struggle with the consequences. We use the "five whys".




  • Our company encourages respect, friendliness and kindness to colleagues.
  • We strive to ensure all involved departments work as a team with a focus on achieving goals.
  • Less formalism - more willingness and ability to help each other in any situation.
  • Management and employees of companies recognize the constructive criticism as a framework for improving the quality of decisions.
  • We help new employees quickly adapt to the company.




  • When interacting with customers and partners, we keep an eye on mutual benefit ("win - win"). In the event such a result is unattainable, it is better to abandon the interaction than to put one of the parties in a "lose" situation.
  • We trust of our customers and partners brings the greatest value to all company employees.
  • Customer satisfaction - the primary criteria for employee performance evaluation.
  • We aim to provide maximum convenience for the client to work with us.
  • We offer our customers only those services, in which we have complete confidence for professional performance and constant quality improvement.




  • We strive for a positive image of our company and respect its history.
  • An employee's ability to admit to making a mistake is regarded by the company as strength, while inaction and indifference - a weakness.
  • We strive to make maximum use of our potential.
  • Teamwork is essential in order to reach goals. We are constantly improving our teamwork skills.
  • Our knowledge, experience and character create the uniqueness of SEVEN SECURITY GROUP.