Cyber Forensics: Helping You Understand and Recover

Cyber forensics (aka digital forensics) is a branch of forensic science belonging to evidence found in computers, digital storage media, cloud services and social media. Digital forensics in civil litigation is a growingrequirement of courts to ensure evidence is properly preserved, processed and presented in court. Digital forensic collections, data extraction and forensic reports are all part of this growing field.






Adding the ability to practice sound computer forensics will:


  1. Help you ensure the overall integrity and survivability of your network infrastructure by adding a layer of traceable responsibility and monitored compliance with policies and regulations.
  2. Help you capture vital information if your network is compromised and will help you deal with the case internally if the intruder is caught.
  3. Help you realize that allocating a greater portion of the information technology budgets for computer and network security will ultimately save your organization money.
  4. Help preserve vital evidence or having forensic evidence ruled inadmissible in a court of law.
  5. Help your organization comply with new laws that mandate regulatory compliance and assign liability if certain types of data are not adequately protected.

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