Fight Back with DDoS Mitigation

Have you ever experienced having a server being overloaded by incoming traffic, or how we’d call it – a denial of service? It’s one of the most common cyber attacks and it aims to shut down one’s online systems.


DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) is an attack on the computer system aiming at bring the system to a failure, i.e., the creation of conditions under which legitimate users cannot access the victimized resource. In addition to its direct purpose – resource unavailability and failure of the targeted system, it can be used to take steps towards mastering the system (in contingencies it may provide critical content – for example, the version of the code, etc.) or to mask other subsequent attacks.


DDoS attacks can be divided into two basic types: attack on the channel and attack on the process, the first of which is just hammered with an overwhelming mass of specially crafted requests, whereas the second is an exploiting software and network protocol vulnerabilities, causing limited productivity of hardware, thus blocking customers’ access to information system resources

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