What is a Corporate Anti-Virus System Good for?

Antivirus or anti-virus software (AV), sometimes also referred to as anti-malware software, is developed with the purpose to detect, remove and prevent the proliferation of malicious code.


The consequences of malware infection of a corporate environment may be very different. From loss of valuable information, stealing of confidential information, sending of unsolicited emails and spam, to unsolicited remote computer access and unauthorized malicious attacks on the server.


The most commonly used product for endpoint security is antivirus software. Many of today’s integrated endpoint security offerings have evolved over time from the initial development of antivirus software. Anti-virus products are often ridiculed for their continued inability to stop the spread of malicious software.


Unfortunately, there is no perfect remedy or elixir to stop malware, so antivirus products will still be necessary, though¬†insufficient. Antivirus software is a single layer (of many) for defense-in-depth endpoint protection. Continue reading “What is a Corporate Anti-Virus System Good for?”