What is an Independent Audit Good For?

The audit of Information Security is a comprehensive assessment, which is allowed, in order to assess the current condition of Information Security in the business and to plan timely actions in order to increase the level of security.


The audit of Information Security is conducted when a current necessity of independent assessment of the condition of Information Security is needed.

Why do you need internal audit?

There are a number of reasons to perform internal audits either one-time, ad-hock or regularly. Some of these may be:


  • If there is a change in the strategy of the company
  • In case of mergers or acquisitions
  • When there are significant changes in the organizational structure of the company or change of leadership
  • When there are new internal or external requirements for Information Security
  • In the event of significant changes in the business processes and IT infrastructure Continue reading “What is an Independent Audit Good For?”