Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery 101

Even when all else fails, there is still hope! Business continuity and disaster recovery planning is here as the last resort to protect you business.


Business continuity (BCP) and disaster recovery planning (DRP) are an organization’s LAST CORRECTIVE CONTROL when all other controls have failed! BCP/DRP may prevent or provide remedy for force majeure circumstances such as injury, loss of life, or failure of an entire organization.


Furthermore, BCP/DRP provides the advantage of being able to view the organization’s critical processes and assets in a different, often clarifying light. Risk analysis conducted during a BCP/DRP plan stage often lead to immediate mitigating actions.


An eventual potentially crippling disaster may have no impact due to prudent risk management steps taken as a result of a thorough BCP/DRP plan. Continue reading “Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery 101”