NEXT DIFI 2021: an overview


The last few weeks I’ve been busy with the various in-person events I attended (first Money20, then DigiPay2021), but I’m not complaining.  It’s energizing to speak in front of a live audience, while also reaching people online. On the 8th of October, I participated in Next Difi 2021, a hybrid event, dedicated to banking and fintech innovation, digital finance, cybersecurity, blockchain, and more.

I had the pleasure to moderate the Banking and fintech innovation, and cyber security and risk management panel. I enjoyed intriguing discussions with members of DSK, Acronis, and Sirma Business Consulting. They shared exciting insights, so make sure you watch the recording (link below 😉 ).

Moderating a panel with DSK, Acronis, and Sirma Business Consulting

I also participated in the Innovative Technologies, New Players, and Transformed Business Models panel, where I gave a presentation on Card Payments Security Standards. In particular, I discussed the PCI DSS, 3DS, and PIN security standards. I shared an overview of what they are, who needs them, and what common misconceptions most people have about them.

A big ‘thank you’ to b2b Media for organizing the event and for inviting me to participate. See you again on the Fifth Edition!

A full recording of Next Difi 2021 can be found here:

Author: Pavel Kaminsky, CEO of 7Security

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