The CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) is the one person in an organization that bears the primary responsibility for IT asset security, for the strategy, planning and implementation of security measures andinitiatives. The main responsibility of the CISO must always be in sync and know what to do with all possible risks associated with cyber security. Further, the CISO takes care of all regulatory and operational compliance requirements so that all relevant standards and regulations are addressed properly and in a timely fashion.


The CISO is a useful function to have in your organization, especially today, with all the dynamics we see in the cyber threat landscape. With a CISO you will be able to:


  • Achieve an improved overall security posture
  • Be better prepared for what may come
  • Reach business KPI’s more easily
  • When you have new projects, or even with existing ones, you will have security and compliance addressed properly at all times
  • Benefit from all engagements related to risk management as well as in any security or operational endeavors
  • Decrease the impact of risks associated with the nature of your business
  • Keep your business updated with all relevant regulations and compliance or other requirements Continue reading “CISO-for-Hire?”